Indian Canyon

Indian Canyon is the only federally recognized "Indian Country" for 300 miles along coastal California. It is open to all indigenous people whom are in need for traditional lands for ceremony. Participants travel hundreds of miles to attend ceremonies at Indian Canyon. In addition to the California Native peoples using the site, spiritual teachers and tribal memberts from the south west, the plains, Canada and the East Coast come to do ceremony at Indian Canyon, as do indigenous people from all over the world: Maori of New Zealand, Australian Aborigines, Sami people from Finland, Mexico, Central America and South America, and more.
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Indian Canyon is a living Indian Heritage Area. Ceremony holds a crucial place in the life of Native People. It is the expression and continuation of our relationship to the earth and our own history. Ceremony is an anchor for identity for tribes, families and individuals. Interns from University of California, Santa Cruz, JFK University, San Francisco State University, UCLA, De Anza, CSUMB frequently receive college units for their studies.
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