Production Process of Projects

Here are a few highlighted projects, sharing an indepth over view of production planning and detailed comprehensive documentation of the project overview (sumarrizing roles, technologies, and thought processes behind the projects)

Indian Canyon Life

Indian Canyon Life Project Details

I have always dedicated my time to Indian Canyon, and the non-profit organization- Costanoan Indian Research. In doing so, I have come to realize - though in it's grass root stages, this organization can do so much more if it had a stronger web presence. It does have one website,, this website actually spurred my motivation to come to The Art Institute of California-Sunnyvale to major in Web design. If one were to evaluate it, they may find it has a challenging hierarchy and one would say it has an outdated theme. I intend on inheriting this project when Indian Canyon's webmaster retires. Till then, I need to do this organization justice in presenting helpful information is an well designed and structured manner.

Indian Canyon doesn't have a brand, I focused on the name as an identifier. I branded, designed, and developed the website. I found it challenging only because I took so long focusing on the content presented. Because of my intimate knowledge and time with this organization, the chair-woman, Ann-Marie Sayers, left the entire project in my hands. I needed to be sure the content was presenting the organization and the location correctly.

Indian Canyon is a location as well as a landmark institution. It is the only federally recognized "Indian Country" between Sonoma and Big Sur. Indian Canyon's caretaker and Tribal Chair-woman, Ann-Marie Sayers, has opened the land for those in need of ceremony and education. The mission of Costanoan Indian Research is to provide information and continue the traditional practises of the Ohlone people. With that being said, I had to provide the right amount of information about Indian Canyon without promoting it too far to encourage random curious beings to come and trespass. The organization appreciates visitors, in a convenient manner such as appointments, they don't like strangers or ill-willed individuals roaming up and potentially vandalizing the sacred sites. I focused on the content being presented because I felt that, that was the most important point. The reason behind that is, I don't need to be flashy when presenting this organization, because for one - this organization isn't flashy, it is not trying to dance in the spotlight, they want to provide the necessary information, and keep the people that care for the land/organization/sacredness involved.

Dress Up Application

Project Details

This Dress Up Application was a group collaberation by TwoCake Solutions. Group members: Jonathan Shariat, Cameron Wheeler, and Kanyon Sayers-Roods.

14th Moon Informational Website

Project Details

Woman's 14th Moon Proposal was created to display the functions and specifactions of the site. The site was designed to be informative to my clients targeted audience.

Digital Identity - Branding of Illuminate

Project Details

Designed by Kanyon Sayers-Roods & Zachary Fisher.
Celebrate with the Facts encourages people to honor holiday histories and customs, while acknowledging the social and ecological effects of these traditions. By understanding how our modern holidays came to be and how they affect the world, we can teach future generations more about global celebration, as well as more eco-friendly ways to honor their origins. Promotional materials include a poster, flyer, website, and tetrahedron containing pine seeds, chocolate, and a candle. These items are indicative of the healthy, natural, and inspirational festivities associated with global celebrations.

Consumers spend incredible amounts of money every year for the holidays. As a result, the economy may benefit, however, incalculable numbers of trees and livestock are murdered. Additionally, the amount of money spent on holiday shopping far surpasses the cost of a few meals for those in poverty.

Humbly provide consumers with information and statistics relevant to their decisions around the holidays. The goal is to create an unbiased, no-holiday-specific, campaign encompassing facts from spending habits to holiday traditions, and their impact on a larger scale. We can achieve this by creating a product that not only shares this information, but does it in such a way that it simultaneously reinforces the spirit of the holiday season.